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South Korea is widely recognized in the world today as a rare case of successful economic development and democratization. Advanced social systems and hard work formed the bedrock for this miraculous national development. Historically, the Korean legal system has evolved by adopting advanced examples of foreign laws and also legislating sector-specific laws and policies catering to Korea’s specific needs. This legal system has been indispensable to Korea’s social progress and the process of nation-building.
Korean law and institutions, localized on the basis of Korean history and culture, provide examples for many developing countries to envy and emulate. It has become a norm for experts and policymakers in such countries to refer to examples in Korean law on political, economic, social, cultural, and public development, as part of their attempts to reform and improve their own institutions. Accordingly, there is growing demand among civil servants, professors, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, certified public appraisers, damage assessors, real estate agents, accountants, and other professionals and specialists whose duties concern legal systems and affairs to learn about Korean law and the nation’s legal system.
The Korean Law Track at the Kookmin University Graduate School of Legal Affairs offers non-Koreans an opportunity to learn about Korean law and legal system in depth, with the goal of contributing to legal progress in students’ home countries and the growing volume of exchange between legal experts from Korea and abroad. The school aspires toward providing systematic, effective, and specialized education so as to enable students to apply their learning in their home countries. Our hope is to use this track to increase Kookmin University’s international relations and to expand Korea’s presence in the international network of laws.
Globalization of Korean Law and Institutions
Comparative Studies on Between East Asia and Korean Law
Training Legal expert on Korean Law
Korean Basic Law
Korean Administrative Law
Korean Criminal Law
Korean Public Law
Korean Civil Law
Korean Social Welfare Law

Semesters Core Required Courses Elective Courses
1 and 2
  • History and Culture of Korean Law
  • Korean Public Law
  • Korean Administrative Law
  • Studies on Human Rights Legislation
  • Studies on Economic Development Legislation
  • Studies on Finance Legislation
  • Studies on Social Welfare Legislation
  • Studies on Administrative Legislation
  • Studies on Judicial Administration Legislation
  • Studies on Intellectual Property Rights Legislation
  • Studies on Culture and Tourism Legislation
3 and 4
  • Korean Civil Law
  • Korean Criminal Law
  • Practice of Korean Law
  • Studies on Environmental Legislation
  • Studies on Territory Management Legislation
  • Studies on Information and Communication Legislation
  • Studies on Athletic Legislation
  • Studies on Police Legislation
  • Studies on Health Legislation
  • Studies on Science and Technology Legislation
  • Studies on Autonomy Legislation
  • Studies on Election Management Legislation
  • Studies on Tax Legislation
  • Studies on Insurance Legislation
박스이미지 박스이미지 박스이미지

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